Formaldehyde Swab Detector (30 Tests)


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Kit Contents

  • 30x FRMSWB-04 Formaldehyde Swab Detectors
  • 1x Water Dropper Bottle
  • Full Instructions & Color Reference Chart

Features                              Benefits

•  Detects Formaldehyde using a Single Test Detector. •  User does not  need to Mix Solutions.
•  Obtains Results in Less than Three Minutes. •  User can Analyze Foods On-Site.
•  The Detectors are Non-Toxic. •  Tested Foods can still be Eaten, if Negative.
•  No Additional Tools / Accessories Required. •  Tests are Convenient and Low-Cost.
•  The Detectors are able to Test any Food. •  Detectors are very Versatile.
•  Small Size and Weight •  No Special Storage Requirements.
•  New Technology •  Patent Pending.

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