Decontamination of Cyanide

Decontamination Solution and Verification Kits for the Safe Removal of Cyanide Residues from Surfaces and Water.

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CN-DECON-5 Decontamination Solution:

Easy to use, pre-mixed solution to decontaminate Surfaces, Water and Clothes from Cyanide residues or powders.


  1. Rapidly Neutralizes Cyanide Poisons,
  2. Harmless to the Environment,
  3. Non-Corrosive and Non-Toxic,
  4. Neutralized Cyanide can be Disposed of in Normal Waste-Water,
  5. Low-Cost,
  6. Can Be Used Even By Untrained People Safely To Rapidly Neutralize Cyanide Residues, and,
  7. Special Instructions are Provided For Using the Solution to Decontaminate Clothes and Skin from Cyanide.

Note: This Solution is not for Internal Consumption.

1 Gallon – $120.00 + Shipping. (Quantity discounts available, for more information please contact us

CN-VAL-30 Cleanness Verification Kit:

A simple-to-use verification kit is available to help users validate that the neutralization and cleaning is complete ant that no Cyanide residues were left over from the Decontamination.

1 Cleanness Verification Kit – $45.00 + Shipping.  (Quantity discounts available, for more information please contact us)