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Kits for the Safe Removal of Formaldehyde in Solid Foods are now available by ChemSee.  These low-cost kits will remove any Formaldehyde present on the surface and subsurface of solid foods like fish, grapes, cheese and meats.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

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The JS-03 is a non-toxic powder that is mixed with water to wash foods that have been contaminated with Formaldehyde to easily remove it.  Many times manufactures, farmers, packagers or distributors have illegally added Formaldehyde to foods to increase its shelf-life and preserve its color.  Formaldehyde is a very toxic chemical when ingested and can cause long-term damage such as cancer.

The JS-03 is a quick and easy way to remove much of the formaldehyde that remains on the surface and just under the surface of the foods before it is eaten.  This ensures that little to no formaldehyde is consumed.

How It Works

To use the JS-03 Formaldehyde Removal Kit Simply:

  1. Open the contents of the JS-03 Pouch, add it to 4 cups water or 1 liter and mix until it is dissolved.
  2. Take the thawed food and rinse it thoroughly with the JS-03 Removal solution, as prepared above.
  3. Wash the food with clean water, tap or filtered, and pat it dry with a clean paper towel or cloth.

Instructions for the removal of Formaldehyde in/on materials other than food can be provided upon request.


  1. Rapidly Neutralizes Formaldehyde,
  2. The non-toxic chemicals are safe to use and are characterized as “Generally Safe”.
  3. Low-Cost,
  4. Can be used to wash foods at the home or place of business.