Specializing in the marketing and sale of innovative products to promote safety worldwide

ChemSee is a certified high-technology research and development company that develops, manufactures and markets safety products for a wide range of fields and applications.  We specialize in developing methods and technology that can be used by laymen to obtain results immediately on-site without needing expensive equipment or sophisticated laboratories.


Providing Personalized and High Quality Services

ChemSee offers many product ranges geared towards many Commercial, Government, Military, Police, Medical and CBRN applications.  Our products are distinguished and have been rigorously tested by various third-parties.  ChemSee for Commercial Clients offers products for:

  • Poisons in Food
  • Explosive Detection
  • Toxic Gas Detection
  • Warfare Chemical Detection
  • Azide Detection
  • Adulterants in Food Detection
  • Spill Decontamination

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Check Out Our Residential Product Offerings

ChemSee offers low-cost and easy-to-use detectors for testing various poisons and toxins at home.  ChemSee’s tests utilize proprietary chemistry which allows for easy to see color change as an indication of detection.  Components which can be tested for include:

  • Heavy Metals (Lead, Mercury, Thallium, Cadmium, etc)
  • Arsenic
  • Cyanide
  • Formaldehyde (Gas, Food and Liquids)
  • Lead Paint
  • Sulfites
  • Items can also be sent to our lab to be tested.

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