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Food Poison Detection

ChemSee’s Food Poison Detection Kit’s are capable of detecting more than thirty poisons. The detected poisons include compounds containing cyanides, azides, chromates and sulfides, thallium, lead, cadmium and mercury and ALL arsenic-containing compounds.

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Toxic Gas Detection

Dosimeters for toxic gases are simple and low-cost which alert employees to excessive exposure via simple color changes. They can be fixed to an employee’s lapel or hung on a wall to monitor room conditions.

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Explosive Detection

The detection kits vary based on the detection objective. The detectors can be small, individually packaged anecdotal tests for screening small areas or detection kits for rapidly conducting a large number of tests.

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Trace Adulterant Detection

A wide range of detectors are available for specific food adulterants. The ChemSense QuantTab Determination Cards are small and lightweight. A new approach for the instant determination of impurities of materials.

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Azide Detection

Chemsee has developed several unique types of products for the detection, determination and decontamination of azides. These products have been designed to meet the specific demands of the end user.

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Formaldehyde Detection

Formaldehyde is a toxic material that can kill bacteria and viruses as well as damage human cells. Our formaldehyde detectors allow for rapid, easy visual detection of formaldehyde in the air, food and drinks.

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Heavy Metal Detection

Our GHM-01 Detector for Common Heavy Metals rapidly and easily detect common heavy metals. A simple color change alerts the user if the following heavy metals are present.

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Quality Products!

ChemSee strives to continually meet and exceed customer expectations. This includes a focus on continually improving our methods to better serve the needs of clients in the United States and around the world.  ChemSee always sets the standard in colorimetric determination of toxins.

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