Heavy Metals for Drinking Water in Cleanup Effort after Harvey

Trillions of gallons of water displaces soil and sediment which may carry Heavy Metals and other contaminants into drinking water of the citizens of Texas after the flood.

Our hearts go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  We at Appealing Products, Inc. would like to take this time to update you on a few areas in which the media is not currently covering which should be a topic of discussion.

As you know, trillions of gallons of water have been dumped into Houston and the surrounding area which caused flooding in many areas where water wasn’t intended to be causing the top layer of soil to be displaced in those areas.  This topsoil contains sediments that include Heavy Metals such as Lead, Mercury, Thallium, Cadmium, Zinc, Iron and Arsenic.  As the waters recede, this toxic sediment is carried into the water supply which may be consumed by the citizens of Houston.  As you may be aware, toxic Heavy Metals are not good for human health and can cause very debilitating health effects which may not be seen immediately, but only after many years.

Appealing Products, Inc. offers quick, affordable and simple tests which any user is able to complete and interpret the results.  These detectors are capable of detecting many of the Heavy Metals that I discussed as well as Arsenic in drinking water in less than a few minutes.  More information on these tests can be found on our webpage at; http://heavymetaldetection.com/detectors-for-common-heavy-metals

These detectors change their color from green to a shade of yellow/purple if a Heavy Metal is present in a sample.  These detectors are capable of detecting as low as 50 parts per billion of Heavy Metals in water.

We are happy to offer discounted prices to the citizens of Texas using the promo code “TEXAS”.  Again, these detectors can be purchased and shipped directly from us on our webpage; http://heavymetaldetection.com