Detectors for Formaldehyde in Liquids


Our Formaldehyde Dip-Stick Detectors allow for rapid, easy semi-quantitative detection of Formaldehyde in food and drink via a visible color change.  The intensity of the color can be compared with a provided color chart and a concentration can be established.

The FRM-04 Dipstick Detectors work ideally between concentration ranges of 0 – 250 parts per million.  Anything greater than 250 parts per million should be diluted to be within this range.

FRM-04 – Formaldehyde Dip-Stick Detector


Demonstration Video


  • Detect Formaldehyde using a Single Test Strip
  • Detects between 0 and 250 parts per million.  Larger concentrations should be diluted.
  • Obtain Results in Four Minutes
  • No Additional Tools / Accessories Required
  • Test Liquids or Solids
  • No Special Storage Requirements
  • No Special Handling Requirements
  • Convenient to Store & Transport
  • New Design (PATENT PENDING)

FRM-04 Detection Kit Contents:

  • Formaldehyde Test Strips
  • Full Instructions
  • Color Reference Chart

More Information

A simple color change alerts the user if formaldehyde is present.

The detectors can be used to test water or urine for the presence of formaldehyde. Full instructions are provided to ensure that all tests are performed properly.

Testing for Formaldehyde can be completed in less than FIVE MINUTES. A reference color chart is provided for interpreting the test results.

The FRM-04 Formaldehyde Dip-Stick Detectors were developed to detect TRACE amounts of Formaldehyde between 0 – 200ppm Formaldehyde.