Detection Kits for Lead


Easily Detect Lead in Paint, Children’s Toys, Playgrounds, Ceramic Dishes, Jewelry or on Pipes!  ChemSee’s detectors are rapid, low-cost & easy-to-use detectors for testing surfaces for harmful lead contamination.

ChemSee offers two types of detection kits for the detection of Lead:

  • Spray Kit — This kit comes with two sprays.  The first is the Preparation Solution, which allows the lead to be in a reactable state.  The second is the Detection Solution which turns any Lead to a Pink/Red color.  This kit is used to test surfaces which are not delicate such as walls, jewelry and furniture.
  • Swab Kit — This kit comes with one spray and detection swabs.  The first solution is the Preparation Solution similar to what is described above.  The Swabs are then used to test much more delicate surfaces such as some jewelry and electronic components.

Most lead detectors tests only a small area of a surface at a time and may not adequately detect lead in paint, jewelry or on other surfaces.  SprayView™-Lead Detection Kits allows the user to detect lead on large area of a suspect surface.

Available Products

SprayView™ Lead Detection Kits



How It Works

Detection Time: 

SprayView™-Lead Detection Kits detect lead on surfaces instantly by developing a red color.

Detection Methods:

Two Models of SprayView™-Lead Detection Kits are avaliable:

  1. Model # SV-LD-SP Spray Detection Kit
  2. Model # SV-LD-SB Swab Detection Kit

SprayView™-Lead Spray Kit:

The SprayView™-Lead Spray Kit uses two spray bottles to detect lead.  The suspect surface is sprayed with the first bottle and then with the second bottle.  Wherever lead is present, the solutions will instantly form red color.

SprayView™-Lead Swab Kit:

The SprayView™-Lead Swab Kit uses a combination of a spray bottle and a detection pad.  The suspect surface is first sprayed with the collection bottle and then suspect surface is swabbed using the detection pad.  Wherever lead is present, the detection pad will form red color.

Lead Toxicity Symptoms

Symptoms of Lead Exposure Include:

  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Fatigue
  • Hallucinations
  • Muscle Pain
  • Anemia
  • Constipation
  • Weight Loss
  • Encephalitis

Sources of Lead Detection

  • Occupational Exposure
    • Facilities that manufacture Radition Shields, Ammunition, Fetal Monitors, Plumbing, Circuit Boards, Jet Engines, Ceramic Glazes.
  • Paint:
    • Some lead compounds are colorful and are used widely in paints.  A recent study showed that over 38 million homes still contain lead paint.  Lead paint eventually breaks down into dust and is easily ingested by the people living there.
  • Soil
    • Residual lead in the soil contributes to lead expsosure more in urban areas.  This is from residual dust from broken-down lead paint, residues from lead containing gasoline or pesticides, contaminated landfilles or from nearby industries such as foundries or smelters.
  • Water
    • Lead from the atmosphere or soil can eventually end up in groundwater or surface water.  Also lead in drinking water can occur from a house that contains lead pipes or lead solder.  A recent news article showed  that high levels of lead in the drinking water in Washington D.C. were present due to many of the water lines containing lead.


  • Detects Lead Instantly
  • Simple, Color-based Detection
  • Tests a wide range of surfaces
  • No Special Storage Requirements
  • No Special Handling Requirements
  • Convenient to Store and Transport

Kit Contents

SprayView™ Spray Kit:

  • 1x Solution A Bottle
  • 1x Solution B Bottle
  • 1x Full Color Instructions with Color Reference Chart for Interpreting Results

SprayView™ Swab Kit:

  • 1x Solution A Bottle
  • 50x Detection Swabs
  • 1x Full Color Instructions with Color Reference Chart for Interpreting Results