Nitrate/Nitrite Detection

ChemSee-Foods has available simple, low-cost detectors for nitrates and nitrites in food, drink and animal feedstock.

ChemSee-Foods’ detector for Nitrates/Nitrites can also be used to test if milk has been adulterated by Nitrates/Nitrites.  Recent regulations has reduced the amount of Nitrites are allowed to be present in Milk.

These detectors respond with a simple color change to the presence of nitrates and nitrites.  


  • Low-Cost ($5 – $10 / test)
  • Simple to Use (Apply Droplets, Observe Color)
  • Simple Results (Color Change)

Available Products

  • $6.00$20.00
    Nitrate Check Detectors
  • $12.00$54.00
    Nitrate Tab