Dosimeters for Monitoring Gas

CBS’s 60 Minutes has recently found that wood boards, laminate and flooring from Lumber Liquidators have excess levels for Formaldehyde.  For a full review please click here.


ChemSee’s has available small, lightweight badge dosimeters for monitoring exposure to Formaldehyde.

This dosimeter uses a simeple color chage to estimate the total exposure dose to Formaldehyde.  

The FOR8-007 Formaldehyde Dosimeter uses a simple color change to estimate the total exposure to Formaldehyde. They can be fixed to an employee’s collar or pocket or placed in specific rooms to monitor local exposure levels.

Product Description and Use

Dosimeters are placed in suspect areas for 72 hours with back side exposed to the air.  After 72 hours, the color formed on the front of the dosimeter is compared to the printed color reference to obtain a semi-quantitative exposure.  Additionally, the dosimeters can be checked at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure exposure levels comply with government regulations.

The dosimeter detects Formaldehyde in the range of 0 to 1 ppm*hr. To determine the total exposure of the indicator to Formaldehyde, compare the color formed during testing to those provided on the dosimeter. Divide the ppm*hr value on the card by the total exposure time (in hours) to determine the average amount of Formaldehyde is the air during the trial period.

Free Quantitative Analysis

We now offer free quantitative readings emailed to you if the dosimeters are sent back to our laboratory for analysis.  To take advantage of this offer, the dosimeters should be sealed, with all of the air removed, after testing is complete and sent back to our office at:

ChemSee / Appealing Products, Inc.
6003 Chapel Hill Road, Suite #177
Raleigh, NC 27607, USA

Please be sure to enclose contact information such as Name, Email Address and Phone Number.

Kit Contents

  • 2, 5 or 10x FOR8-007 Formaldehyde Dosimeters
  • 1x Color Instructions including instructions on the Free In-Lab Sample Analysis

Detector Features

  • Semi-Quantitative Visual Analysis
  • Meets and Exceeds Standards/Requirements Set by OSHA
  • Electronic Reader Available
  • Detection Range of 0 to 1 ppm*hr
  • Small and Lightweight (Size of a Credit Card)

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    FRM-KT1 – Formaldehyde Dosimeters & In-Lab Sample Analysis

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