Formaldehyde Removal Kits

Kits for the Safe Removal of Formaldehyde in Solid Foods.

JS-03 Formaldehyde Decontamination Kits:

The JS-03 is a non-toxic powder that is mixed with water to wash foods that have been contaminated with Formaldehyde to easily remove it.  


  1. Rapidly Neutralizes Formaldehyde,
  2. The non-toxic chemicals are safe to use and are characterized as “Generally Safe”.
  3. Low-Cost,
  4. Can be used to wash foods at the home or place of business.



To use the JS-03 Formaldehyde Removal Kit Simply:

  1. Open the contents of the JS-03 Pouch, add it to 4 cups water or 1 liter and mix until it is dissolved.
  2. Take the thawed food and rinse it thoroughly with the JS-03 Removal solution, as prepared above.
  3. Wash the food with clean water, tap or filtered, and pat it dry with a clean paper towel or cloth.

Instructions for the removal of Formaldehyde in/on materials other than food can be provided upon request.

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