SprayView™-Lead Spray Kit

Concerned about your childrens exposure to Lead? Worried that your pipes may contain Lead?

The SprayView™-Lead Spray Kit rapidly and easily detects Lead on a large surface area.

A simple color change instantly alerts the user if Lead is present.  Full instructions are provided to ensure that all tests are performed properly.  Each SprayView™-Lead Spray Kit contains enough solution to test up to 20 suspect surfaces.

SprayView™-Lead Spray Kit


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Product Features:

  • Detects Lead Instantly
  • Simple, Color-based Detection
  • Tests a wide range of surfaces
  • No Special Storage Requirements
  • No Special Handling Requirements
  • Convenient to Store and Transport

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1x Solution A Bottle
  • 1x Solution B Bottle
  • 1x Full Color Instructions with Color Reference Chart for Interpreting Results

INSTRUCTIONS – The three easy steps for detecting lead instantly are: