Electronic Readers (EYAL System)

EYAL System for Toxic Gas Exposure Monitoring (WDD-04 & DD-04)

ChemSee’s EYAL System allows for the quantitative measurement of exposure dose from its badge dosimeters. Use of the electronic readers allows for non-biased analysis and record-keeping of an employee’s average exposure over the course of a day, week, month or year.

ChemSee’s electronic readers are available with management software that allows individual tracking and record-keeping for a variety of toxic industrial gases.


  • Quantitative Measurement of Exposure to Toxic Gas
  • System can Monitor Fixed or Moving Locations, Vehicles or Personnel
  • Lightweight and Low Footprint Design
  • System Works with ALL Available ChemSee Dosimeters
  • System is Simple to Set Up and Easy to Operate

Available EYAL Systems

Wireless EYAL Monitoring System

Wireless Readers and System for continuous, real-time monitoring and record keeping of exposure ot toxic industrial gases and radiation. Wireless EYAL – Product Datasheet


Stationary EYAL Monitoring System

Quantitative Reader for ChemSee Badge Dosimeters with data storage and record-keeping of employee and location exposure to toxic gases and radiation. Stationary EYAL – Product Datasheet


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