PRODUCT ALERT: Electronic readers are now available for quantitative monitoring of toxic gas exposure in industrial, commercial and military settings.

ChemSee’s has available small, lightweight badge dosimeters for monitoring employee exposure to a wide range of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC).

All dosimeters use a simple color change to estimate total exposure dose to a specific TIC. They can be fixed to an employee’s collar or pocket or placed in specific rooms to monitor local exposure levels.

Product Description and Use

Each dosimeter has a clip allowing it to be worn an employee’s collar or pocket. The dosimeters can be checked at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure exposure levels comply with government regulations.

Dosimeter for Formaldehyde

The color on the center of the dosimeter can be visually compared to the reference colors pre-printed on the cards to semi-quantitatively estimate exposure. Electronic readers are also available which allow for quantitative determination and record-keeping of exposure.

Detector Features

  • Semi-Quantitative Visual Analysis
  • Electronic Reader Available
  • Wide Range of Detectable TICs
  • Small and Lightweight (Size of a Credit Card)

Available Dosimeters

P/N Target TIC Detection Range (ppm*hr) Color Change
ARA-002 Aromatic Amines 0 – 16 White to Red/Orange
CHL-006 Chlorine 0 – 1.2 Yellow to Pink
CMO-005 Carbon Monoxide (Low) 0 – 150 White to Gray
CMO-006 Carbon Monoxide (High) 0 – 550 White to Gray
DOS-014 Sulfur Dioxide (Low) 0 – 2 White to Brown
DOS-015 Sulfur Dioxide (High) 0 – 8 White to Brown
FOR8-007 Formaldehyde (Standard) 0 – 1 Tan to Brown
FORS-015 Formaldehyde (STEL) 0 – 8 Tan to Brown
H2S-010 Hydrogen Sulfide (Low) 0 – 2 White to Gray
H2S-011 Hydrogen Sulfide (High) 0 – 8 White to Gray
HYD-009 Hydrazine, Methyl Hydrazine 0 – 1.2 White to Dark Pink
NH3-001 Ammonia 0 – 200 Tan to Green
NO2-011 Nitrogen Dioxide 0 – 8 Tan to Brown

Reference Materials

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