Food Poison Detection

Recent terrorist threats have been made to poison restaurant and hotel food, especially salads, with cyanide. ChemSee’s Kits readily detect cyanide in salads and other foods and are the only available detectors for poisons in food.

New Articles!

A new article is available on thallium-related poisonings, detection and treatment of exposure:

New Products!

ChemSee is happy to announce two new products for the detection of poisons in food:

Available Products

Several Detection Kits are available for the simple and rapid detection of poisons in food and drink. These Kits detect a broad range of the most commonly-used poisons and toxins via a simple color change.

ChemSee is currently developing a line of detectors for pharmaceutical contaminants.  A detector for residual azides in pharmaceutical solutions is available.

In-lab sample testing is offered through ChemSee’s partner website: ChemSee-Foods.

Independent Validation

ChemSee’s Food Poison Detection Kits are the only detection Kits for poisons in food that have been positively validated by the U.S. Department of Defense.  For additional information on the Kit’s validation, visit our validation information page.

For pricing and additional information on these Kits, please Request a Quote and our representatives will contact you with additional information.