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ChemSee has a wide variety of detection kits for explosives, and things can get overwhelming.  We have a few resources to help.

  • Use our Select a Kit table, to help determine which kits are capable of detecting which explosive.
  • Use the search function in the top right of the screen.
  • If all else fails, we are open 9-6pm eastern standard time (New York), Monday – Friday, give us a call, or request more information below!


  • Datasheet SV-03 SprayView™ Detection Kit
  • Datasheet EXPKIT-01 for Military/Commercial Explosives and Explosive Precursors
  • Datasheet EXPKIT-02 for Military/Commercial Explosives
  • Datasheet EXPKIT-03 for Explosive Precursors
  • Datasheet VF-04 Verifier Detector
  • Datasheet NITRO-PEN Detector
  • Datasheet NSK-01 Nitro-Screen™ Detection Kit
  • Datasheet IFED-01 In-Flight Explosive Detection Kit
  • Brochure IFED-01 In-Flight Explosive Detection Kit
  • Datasheet 3A2Z Fertilizer Detector / Identifier

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