Qualitative Azide Detection Tabs

The ChemSee Azide Detection Tab allows for the rapid, color-based detection of azides in solution. It is useful in many applications including:

– Detecting Residual Azides in Pharmaceutical Preparations
– Detecting Azides in Recycled Solvents
– Detecting Azides in Industrial Wastewater

Product Description and Use

AZ-03 Qualitative Azide Detector

To test a sample for Azides, apply three to five droplets onto the detector port marked “Place Sample Here” and wait until the test end turns red.  If Azides are present in the sample, a dark brown or black band will form on the detector. Testing basic solutions with the AZD-P2 requires a simple pretreatment step during which the sample is added to a preparation pouch and mixed thoroughly. This mixture is then applied to the same detector port as before.

  • Detects Azides in Concentrations of 50 ppm in Neutral Solutions and of 100 ppm in Basic Solutions
  • Includes Pretreatment Component for Testing Alkaline Mixtures
  • 12 Month Shelf Life
  • Full Instructions provided with Each Detector

Avaliable Products

Detector for Azides in Neutral Solutions (AZD-N2)

Detects concentrations of 50 ppm or greater azides in neutral solutions (pH 5 – 8). Provided with full color instructions.

Retail Price: $15/test

Detector for Azides in Basic (Alkaline) Solutions (AZD-P2)

Detects concentrations of 100 ppm or greater azides in basic solutions (pH 8 – 14). Provided with full color instructions.

Retail Price: $18/test

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