Toxic Gas Monitoring

The threat of Toxic Gas Exposure is a very real and dangerous presence in the world.  Not only are terrorist trying to obtain chemical weapons, simply working in certain fields often plays a enormous role in the exposure to dangerous toxic gases.

Available Products

  1. ChemSee’s Toxic Gas Dosimeters are low-cost, disposable, instant-read dosimeters which which alert employees in real-time to excessive exposure via simple color changes. These dosimeters can be affixed to an employee’s lapel, or hung on a wall to monitor the toxic gas in a particular area.
  2. ChemSee’s RON™ Multi-TIC Detector is a one-time use detector capable of instantly detecting if one of five different categories of toxic gases are present.  This is an invaluable detector for First Responders and HAZMat teams working in dangerous conditions.  The RON™ Detector can be outfitted to meet your specific needs upon request.
  3. ChemSee’s Detectors for Chemical Warfare Agents are rapid detectors for two main classifications of warfare chemicals including VX, Sarin and Mustard Gas.  These detectors are primarily meant for Military, Police, Border Security and HAZMat personnel.
  4. ChemSee works with several partners on the detection and measurement of Radiation.  ChemSee can offer simple geiger counters, one-time use dosimeters and reusable dosimeters.

Electronic Measurement

While all of our dosimeters are capable of being visually read by the user, some companies and/or users may require a paper trail.  That is why with the purchase all of ChemSee’s Dosimeters, we offer free-of-charge quantitative reading if the dosimeters are sent back to our facility for measurement.  However, if you don’t want the wait time, ChemSee also offers the sale of our EYAL™ DD-04L Quantitative Reader capable of measuring and tracking all of dosimeters that we offer.

You can find more information on our Electronic Readers here!

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